Celebrating Ether Week: ISA Nagpur City Branch’s Unique Public Awareness Initiatives

Ether Week, observed from October 15th to 22nd, became an exceptional celebration thanks to the Indian Society of Anesthesiologists Nagpur City Branch (ISA NCB). The week was marked by innovative public awareness programs focusing on anesthesia and the life-saving procedure of Compression Only Life Support (COLS). These programs were strategically held at religious sites, parks, colleges, and hospitals, reaching out to patients’ families and non-medical staff.

A Unique Celebration Unfolds

The Ether Week festivities kicked off with a Walkathon rally on Sunday, October 15th, serving as a prelude to the World Anesthesia Day celebration. The rally, starting from IMA house and concluding at Traffic park, emphasized the crucial role of Anesthesiologists. At the park, a COLS demonstration captivated morning walkers, setting the tone for an enlightening week.

Extensive Outreach in Hospitals

On October 16th, COLS demonstration and hands-on training extended to various hospitals. Relatives of patients, guards, liftmen, clerical staff, and more benefitted from the program conducted at OPDs in hospitals such as IGGMC, GMC, Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, DMMC, Super-specialty Hospital, NCI, and Avanti Hospital.

Bridging Communities through Religion

Leveraging the festive spirit, public awareness programs on COLS reached religious places like Mata Bhagwati Temple, Dhantoli, Rosary Parish Church, Sadar Masjid, and Jain Mandir in Mahavir Nagar. This marked a groundbreaking initiative, demonstrating COLS, a life-saving procedure, in places of worship across different religions in Nagpur during Ether Week.

Spreading Awareness Beyond Healthcare

The initiative extended its reach to the Press Club, Nagpur, where a COLS procedure demonstration was organized for reporters. Additionally, the Institute of Fire and Safety Engineering in Makardhokda hosted a demonstration, showcasing the importance of COLS in diverse settings. Hands-on training sessions during these events imparted valuable skills to numerous participants.

Impactful Results

A remarkable 1000 individuals actively participated in the week-long COLS awareness programs, a testament to the success of ISA Nagpur City Branch’s outreach efforts. The programs were expertly conducted by dedicated members of ISA Nagpur City Branch.


Ether Week became more than a celebration; it evolved into a platform for education and awareness. ISA Nagpur City Branch’s commitment to spreading knowledge about anesthesia and life-saving procedures exemplifies the organization’s dedication to the well-being of the community. The success of Ether Week 2023 serves as an inspiration for future endeavors in public health and awareness.

  1. IGGMCH – Dr. Vaishali Shelgaonkar, Dr. Sheetal Dalal, Dr. Sonali Bhagat, Dr. Leena Ingle 
  2. Superspeciality hospital- Dr. Ketaki Ramteke
  3. DMMC – Dr. Anjali Modak, Dr. Kirti Gurjarkar
  4. LMC – Dr. Anjali Bhure, Dr. Heena Pahuja, Dr. Dolly Gedam
  5. GMC – Dr. Megha Tajne, Dr. Umesh Ramtani, Dr. Vrushali Ankalwar
  6. Avanti hospital- Dr. Gauri Arora, Dr. Tapasya Dhawane, Dr. Gopal Thakre
  7. NCI hospital- Dr. Neha Gulkari
  8. Institute of fire and safety engineering – Dr. Leena Gedam
  9. Press club- Dr. Gauri Arora, Dr. Dilip Wasnik, Dr. Umesh Ramtani, Dr. Anjali Borkar, Dr. Sonali Bhagat and Dr. Omshubham Asai
  10. Mata Bhagwati temple- Dr. Gauri Arora, Dr. Kalyani Surkar
  11. Rosary Parish church- Dr. Bhuvaneshwari, Dr. Dilip Wasnik
  12. Sadar Masjid- Dr. Imran, Dr. Asif and Dr. Dilip
  13. Jain mandir- Dr. Kirti Gurjarkar
  14. Traffic park, Dharampeth –  Dr. Gauri Arora, Dr. Dilip Wasnik, Dr. Sonali Bhagat, Dr. Leena Ingle, Dr. Kiran Vywahare, Dr. Manisha Shembekar, Dr. Ketki Ramteke

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