Inspiring lady of my life

Dr Kirti Gujarkar

Consultant Anesthesiologist

I have seen her sad, I have seen her struggle  just not today,  but have heard a lot stories of her struggles since her childhood, as a elder sibling, born in a middle class family, till an adolescent to pursue her dreams, studying late only at night as day was busy working and handling family, getting married and taking responsibility of a big family and it’s commitment, working women with family commitments raising her kids though in front of her eyes but never was able to sit a while with them, couldn’t complete her Phd after studying for two years due to family commitments, as a wife when she have to handle her kids after her husband passed away at early age, standing strong to raise her kids to make them doctors and achieve their dreams. I have seen her tired and sad but never failed, always smiling, fighting with all odds standing for her and her children’s decision.

         She is the lady whom I called “AAI “ yes you people guessed it right mother but for me it’s my “Mother in law”

She is the lady who inspires me to keep going in my life. She’s the one who gives me energy and feels I can do it. I still remember the day when after maternity leave i was supposed to join my duties but was in dilemma thinking for kids, she was the one pushed me out and said go and work you wanna do. Don’t worry about kids, they will grow, I’m there to handle, it was not just about handling my kids but her words motivated me that every working women have this phase and you have to face it. Let it be any professional work commitments, or extracurricular activities she motivates me to do that and the pat I get from her on my back when i achieve and come back home is so satisfying that it gives me more energy to handle  multiple things in my life happily.

Society has always complicated the relation of mother in law and daughter in law, but I truly believe this relation can be a friendship. A friend you can have in your home and stay and share your thoughts and feelings,like your friends in hostel, enjoying the phase of life which we have left in college days back. As said by Serena Williams When women supports women with there experiences they turn out to be inspirations for other women  and then developing countries will become developed .