Empowering the Next Generation: COLS Activity at University Girls Hostel

The Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists, Nagpur City Branch (ISA NCB), conducted a life-saving Compression-Only Life Support (COLS) Activity at the University Girls Hostel, adjacent to LAD College, Nagpur, on February 2nd, 2024. The event was a part of ISA NCB’s commitment to community outreach and education.

Dr. Gauri Arora, President of ISA NCB, took the lead in elucidating the vital roles of anaesthesiologists and also delivered an informative lecture on COLS. Following the lecture, Dr. Dilip Wasnik, Honorary Secretary of ISA NCB, and Dr. Hemangi Abhayankar, a senior member of ISA, conducted hands-on demonstrations, providing practical training to the participants.

The workshop was attended by approximately 175 postgraduate female students from various faculties of Nagpur University, who showed great enthusiasm and keen interest in learning these crucial life-saving techniques. In a generous gesture, a COLS chart was presented to Dr. Rita Wadetwar, the warden of the hostel, to serve as a lasting educational tool.

The proactive participation of the students and the successful execution of the training session were highly commended by the hostel management, reflecting the positive impact of such initiatives on empowering young individuals with essential life skills.