Virtual CME on “Current trends in Onco-Anaesthesia!”

ISANCB has organized a CME on” Current trends in Onco-anaesthesia” on 13th February from 10am to 1pm on virtual platform.

At the outset President Dr. Kiran Vyawahare welcomed the gathering.

She highlighted that the number of cancer patients are rising and  so Onco-anaesthesia is emerging a super-speciality as no of  patient posted  for onco-surgery are also having a uptrend  and to keep our self-updated  the need for the CME for the Current trends in Onco-anaesthesia .

Session began with welcome of the faculties.
Chairpersons of the program were Dr. Vivek Bhargava, Head of the department of anesthesia, National Cancer Institute Jamtha Nagpur and Dr. C. S. Cham, Head of the Department of the Kingsway hospital Nagpur and past  Vice President MSCISA.

The first lecture of the program was by Dr. Vijaya Patil, Professor and Head, Tata memorial Hospital Mumbai. She had an elaborative talk on the preoperative preparation of onco-surgery patient

The second lecture was by Dr. Dipika Patel, Associate Professor at GCRI Ahmadabad.
She had talk on the” Anesthesia Concerns in the micro vascular flap reconstruction in the Head and neck surgery, “which are the core part of the plastic reconstruction in onco-surgery.

The third lecture was by Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, Senior anaesthesiologist and pain physician and Head of AIIMS hospital Delhi. She had in depth explanation of the different options in the cancer pain management and her experience in the opioid free anaesthesia.

The last lecture was by Dr. Sheila Myatra, Professor at Tata memorial hospital Mumbai on the “Anaesthesia considerations in the Head and neck surgery”

Recent updates in airway management which is the core part of the Head neck surgery was thoroughly covered by her.

At the end the, panel discussion was conducted. Dr. Vijaya Patil, Dr. Dipika Patel, Dr. Sheila Myatra took part in it and the moderators for the panel discussion were Dr. Bhargava and Dr. C. S. Cham.

The Program Head was Dr. Himanshu Marathe, Consultant anesthesiologist at National Cancer Institute Nagpur.

The Master Of Ceremony of the program was Dr. Sheetal Samel, Consultant Meditrina Hospital Nagpur.

MMC observer for the CME was .senior anesthesiologist Dr. Narendra Tamhane sir.

The CME was a huge success with around 174 registrations for the CME.GC member MSCISA  Dr. Sheetal Dalal, Dr. Saurabh Barde has joined virtually with many senior ISA NCB members. as Dr. Sushma Pande Dr. Anjali Sawargaonkar, Dr.Charuta Gadkari, Dr.Ujjwala Mohta and .Dr. Sumita Bhargava.

Official vote of thanks were given by Dr. Sarita Joglekar, Hon. Secretary ISANCB.