Money Matters – Plan B for White Coat Saviors

Money is not everything but very important for necessities of life and independence and Security of a person.
To highlight this idea ISANCB has conducted a program for the members.

Topic was”Money matters Plan B for white coat saviors. by Mr. Chirag Joshi, Certified financial planner and business project manager at Share Khan ltd Nagpur on 13.01.22 from 6 pm to 8 pm on virtual platform.

President Dr. Kiran welcomed the gathering and Hon. Secretary Dr. Joglekar introduced the faculty.

The program was attended enthusiastically by about 66 ISANCB members.

He insisted very well on investments and financial management and gave lot of tips on different finance security plans and modules planning and explained in details all the queries of the members in a very simple and practical way.

Dr. Anjali Bhure, Vice President National, and Advisory Board Member of MSCISA and GC members Dr. Sheetal Dalal and Dr. Saurabh Barde and Senior members joined the meeting.

Dr.Sarita Joglekar Hon. Secretary ISANCB gave official Vote of thanks.