Foundation day celebrations of ISA Nagpur

Foundation day programme of ISA Nagpur city branch was held recently at J. R. Shaw auditorium of IMA .

The Chief Guest for the program  was Dr. Vinky Rughwani, President of National Thalassemia Society and Vice president of Maharashtra Medical Council .

Guest of Honour was Dr. Anjali Bhure, Vice-President ISA National and HOD, Department of Anaesthesia, NKPSIMS.

Reflections Art Gallery” was inaugurated at the hands of the Chief Guest. Paintings, sketches photos, and other artwork by ISA NCB members was highly appreciated and exhibition was attended by large number of ISA NCB members and their families. Dr. Dilip Wasnik, Joint secretary and Dr. Sonali Bhagat were in-charge of the exhibition.

The formal inauguration of the Foundation day was done at the hands of the Chief Guest Dr. Vinky Rughwani with the lighting of the Samai.

President Dr. Kiran Vyawahare, in her welcome address focused on the different facets of the ISA NCB and presented the journey of 49 glorious years of ISA and enumerated various awards won by the branch and also individual awards won by the members. She also highlighted that being the best City Branch there was more responsibility to perform the best. GC members MSCISA Dr. Saurabh Barde and Dr. Sheetal Dalal were prominently present.

The Cake Cutting was done on this day in the august presence of the Past Presidents.

  • Dr. Hema Mankeshwar madam,
  • Dr. Shrirao sir,
  • Dr. Ranjana Deshmukh,
  • Dr. Sushma Pande,
  • Dr. Shubhda Deshmukh,
  • Dr. Charuta Gadkari,
  • Dr. Chandrashekhar Cham,
  • Dr. Hemant Rahatekar,
  • Dr. Pratibha Deshmukh,
  • Dr. Vidula Kapre,
  • Dr. S. K. Deshpande,
  • Dr. Sunita Lawange,
  • Dr. Manisha Shembekar,
  • Dr. Sheetal Dalal
  • Dr. Saurabh Barde
    were felicitated.

Felicitations of the Senior members was also done  at the hands of the Chief Guest.

GC member MSCISA Dr. Saurabh Barde introduced the Chief Guest of the program.

Chief Guest Dr. Vinky Rughwani in his speech appreciated the Art exhibition very much and highlighted the  importance of working with passion. He said that the social work he does for Thalassemia patients gives him immense satisfaction.

The Guest of Honor Dr. Anjali Bhure in her speech appreciated the efforts by the Nagpur City Branch and stressed that ISA Nagpur is the Best city branch at state and National level  from last 10 years.

eSense the e-newsletter of ISA NCB and the  photo collage with the all Past Presidents photo were released at the Hands of the Chief Guest. The Editors Dr.Gauri Arora and Dr. Rashmi Shingade worked hard for its success. Another release at the hands of the Chief Guest was the Video comprising of the Past Presidents speeches about their journey with ISA NCB .The concept was of Dr. Kiran Vyawahare and editing was done by Dr. Neelesh Mathankar. A small teaser of the video was shown in the program. The complete video will be available on the You tube channel of ISA NCB.

The intercollegiate Singing Competition was organised by ISA NCB on the occasion of the Foundation day. Students of all the three colleges of Nagpur GMC, IGGMC, NKPSIMS, Sewagram and JNMC wardha participated. The runner up was Dr. Geeta Sethuraman and the winner was Dr. Heena Sanghavi were felicitated at the hands of the Chief Guest.

The official Vote of thanks was given by the Hon. Secretary Dr. Sarita Joglekar.

Dr. Anjali Borkar executive team member was the MOC of the program. Anchors of the musical program were  Dr. Manisha shembhekar and Dr. Sheetal Samel.

After the official program the musical treat “Tribute to Latadi and Bappida” was organised and all  the  singers who performed were the ISA NCB members. Total 18 songs were performed. Dr.Gauri Arora, Dr.Rashmi Shingade and Dr.Ravi Mundada were in charge of the program. Dr. Leena Ingale performed “Ganesh vandana”.

All the Executives including Treasurer Dr. Sachin Makade, Dr. Heena Pahuja and Dr. Jitesh Chavan worked hard for the success of the program. The program was followed by Dinner.