This is how I was saved!

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#this is how I was saved!

If I remember correctly, it was 2010, when I started my freelance anaesthesia practice in periphery of Nagpur. That time, I was very much passionate about about only two things- hard work and movies.
A movie “ZOOTHA HI SAHI”, was released, starring John Abraham and Pakhi Tyrewala. Though a flop venture, I was attracted by its story line. John connected to Pakhi through an accidental phone call as a suicidal help line. He offered her a soothing ear to share her pain…. develop an understanding emotional relationship… followed by love. The whole movie was shot on American background. What I admire most , the handsome John plus, and American culture of systemicity, and support groups– a gathering of unrelated people connected through common pain, problems or diseases, providing emotional, support to each other.

I am an Indian, a hardcore one. But sometimes I want to deny it, seeing hopelessness, scenario in above context.

In movie , Pakhi got a masculine, handsome, caring hand on verge of suicide. I dreamed of myself in her place. 😊😊😊- — my fantasies, you know!🥰🥰.

In next few years, my time took a sharp , bitter turn. In midst of prolonged burn out, tired of repeated unending rejections from all sides, cursing life, one day I decided to gave up. Though exhausted emotionally, but as a last measure ( (fantasizing the movie), to get help I called Nagpur 24×7 suicidal helpline. Eagerly waiting for a soft sympathetic response. After a killing silence and long ring a lady picked up phone and ask, in a rough and impatient tone “KAUN BOL RAHA HAI??”.Amused by her roughness and throat filled with swallowed tears, I took few more seconds to answer. Before I could barely utter a word, lady on other side responded “ABHI HAMARA LUNCH TIME HAI, EK GHANTE BAAD PHONE KARNA”. And she hung up.

For next sometime, I felt stunned! Followed by burst of tears mixed with laughter. 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣.
And rest is the history.

By Dr. Sanjivani Lanjewar
Consultant Anaesthesia