Age❓It’s just a number!

I woke up from slumber😴
And apprehended life isn’t just a number!
I woke up to a harsh reality
That time is not a cheap entity
I looked into the mirror, 🪞
And stared at my image in horror😱
Oh is it me?
Where did the glow ✨dissipate
The lines on my face had a tale to narrate
Each one depicted the experience, I couldn’t even recollect🤔
The deep line on the forehead made me frown🤨
The exact expression had brought them down!
Someone advised me not to worry too much
Your face gives everything away!
Not being concerned? Is it possible in any which way?
My roving eye 👀 set on the hair
Silver strands blew up in the air
No matter how much I try to tuck them away
Or colour them with black, blonde or burgundy
The greys peep out from the temples
This is just one of many examples
I sometimes go weak in the knees
A feeling quite diverse from the teens
Oh! It’s just the symptom of the fifties
Then one day I have a rendezvous with my pals
Lovely time with dance, music and ball💃🏻
Everyone appeared same more or less
Life was galloping 🐎at a rapid pace
Receding hairlines, 👴🏼paunch and yet deeds so tall
Enjoyed the camaraderie one and all
Such is the law of nature
Every fruit 🍎 must mature
All the worries I let go
Now is the time to enjoy and slow
Live each moment until it’s time to go
Reap the fruits that you sow
As you mature, you get respect and are revered
Must bask in the glory of your hard work
Relish and revel in each day remember
After all age is just a number!

By Dr. Manisha Shembekar
Consultant Anaesthesia