COLS activity at NCI for the “Ayushmati” program

ISANCB has Conducted the COLS activity for the “Ayushmati” program for cancer screening female patients of NCI Jamtha on 26 03.22 from 1-2 pm.

Dr. Rucha Vaidya Senior Resident at NCI had given a presentation and conducted the activity.

Total 40 members were given hands on training. COLS chart were donated Program was very successful.

Dr. Sachin Jambhorkar Consultant NCI anaesthesiologist work hard for the program.

Sister Priyanka and Payal nursing trainers from NCI under Mrs. Medha Dixit, DGM Hr and training, NCI and Harshada coordinator for Ayushmati were active for the arrangements.

Total 230 Ayushmati beneficiary were given training under the international women’s day program carried over the month of March at NCI jamtha by ISA NCB in association with NCI.