BCLS for medical students of Bhausaheb Mulack Ayurvedic College

Bhausaheb Mulack Ayurvedic college and Sewankur on the occasion of Swatantrata ka Amrit Mahotsava invited ISA NCB to conduct the BCLS for medical students on 1st August 2022 from 3.30.pm to 4.30 pm at Bhausaheb Mulack Ayurvedic College.

The presentation and hands on training was done by Hon .treasurer Dr. Sachin Makade and ISANCB member Dr. Satkar Pawar and Dr. Sachin Jambhorkar ISA NCB member and the Hon Secretary of Sewankur and Dr. Dheeraj Gupta Coordinator Sewankur Nagpur has coordinated the whole program with great efforts from Dr. Pratik Tikar from Sewankur.

Total 105 medical students were trained.

Program was highly appreciated.