COLS activity at Reshimbag Cricket Club, Nagpur

On the 10th of May 2019, COLS activity was conducted at the Reshimbag ground for the Reshimbag Cricket Club members.

Dr Kamalakar Pawar and Dr Vikram Alsi Consultant Anaesthesiologists, of ISA Nagpur City Branch, along with Dr Deotale, Dr Prashant Rathi of IMA Nagpur conducted the COLS workshop for the students, parents and staff of Reshimbag Cricket Club.  Dr. Vikram delivered the lecture and Dr. Kamlakar gave the demonstration. This was followed by a hands on training on mannikin. It was attended by around 150 students and 34 parents along with 11 coaching staff.

The crowd was very curious and participated enthusiastically. The COLS chart was handed over to the club staff for display.