COLS activity at Theosophical Society of Nagpur

On the concluding day of Bal Sanskar Shibir organised by the Theosophical Society of Nagpur, COLS activity was conducted for the children and their parents by Dr. Sunita Lawange, Past President and Dr. Umesh Ramtani, Past Hon. Secretary ISA NCB, on 5th May 2019.  

About 70 children and parents participated in the activity. Dr. Sunita Lawange delivered the lecture and Dr. Umesh Ramtani did the demonstration followed by hands-on training on mannequin. COLS chart was handed over to the President, Mrs Sunanda Bonde and Secretary, Mr. Lokhande of the Society.The youngest kid who wanted to perform chest compressions was 5 years old.

The organisers of the society thanked the Society for teaching COLS and spreading awareness on such a noble concept.