COLS workshop at Western Coal Fields (WCL) Walni

ISA NCB CONDUCTED COLS workshop at Western coal field (WCL) Walni unit, Nagpur on 17-1-2018.

Dr. Gauri Arora informed them about ISA-NCB’s public awareness activities and emphasised about the need to know CPR. Dr Dilip Wasnik gave a Power-point presentation with simultaneous demonstration by Dr Pranav Thote.

Hands on training was given by Dr Umesh Ramtani. A CPR chart was donated to them. It was attended by the GM of WCL, Shri Divakar Ghokhle, who appreciated the work being done by ISA-NCB and also said that this workshop will be immensely beneficial to the attendees as the mine workers remain at a risk of their professional hazard of underground accidents.

About 60 people including the officers, doctors, paramedics, nurses of WCL hospital and mine workers attended the workshop. It was a very interactive session.