ISA NCB provides BLS (Jeevansanjivani) training to Dentists

On 6th August 2017 , Dept. Of Dentistry , IGGMC, Indian Dental Asso, Nagpur and ISA NCB organised CDE on Medical emergencies in dental practice. Hands-on training of BLS and gadgets used in emergencies was also given.

All faculties of Dept of anesthesiology IGGMC were invited as guest speakers.

Topics covered were:

  1. Local anesthetic toxicity by Dr. Sonali khobragade (Associate professor. dept of anesthsiology)
  2. Monitored anesthesia care in dental practice by Dr. Shelgaonkar , asso. Prof. Dept of anesth. IGGMC.
  3. Basic life support and cpcr by Dr. Ramtani .asst prof. Dept of anesth. IGGMC

Hands-on Training was given on four stations.

  1. BLS , by Dr Ramtani
  2. Airway by Dr. Badwaik , Asst. Prof . Dept of anesth. IGGMC
  3. Defibrillator by Dr. Vikas Choudhari, Asst. Prof. Dept of anesth. IGGMC
  4. Multi para monitor by Dr. Fating, Asso. Prof. Dept of Anesth. IGGMC

CDE was attended by 80 dentists who enthusiastically participated in the event.

CPR chart and mask was handed over to dept of dentistry on behalf of ISA NCB ..Dr Dalal , president ISA NCB guided audience about importance of knowledge of CPR in inside hospital as well as outside hospital . she also appealed to everyone to keep an emergency kit and a drug toxicity chart in their clinic and also to keep standby Anesthesiologist whenever required. ISA NCB members will give full cooperation.

Dr. Dande , head of dept of dentistry, IGGMC and Dr. Chandak,, president., IDA Nagpur expressed gratitude to Dept and ISA NCB.