Webinar Series on “Get The Concepts Right” Episode 2

The Indian Society of Anesthesiologists, Nagpur City Branch (ISA NCB) hosted the second episode of the enlightening online Webinar Series titled “Get The Concepts Right” on Friday, February 23rd, 2024. The event, which began at 7 pm, was conducted on the Google Meet platform.

Dr. Gauri Arora, President of ISA NCB, extended a warm welcome to the distinguished speakers and the participants. The webinar featured Dr. S Balabhaskar, Past President of ISA National, and Dr. Vikram Alsi, a seasoned Freelancer Anaesthesiologist. They provided comprehensive insights into the necessary preoperative investigations and essential requirements for freelance anaesthetists in administering anaesthesia.

Dr. Anjali Bhure, Past Vice President National, presided over the webinar as the chairperson. The session was smoothly conducted by Dr. Kalyani Surkar, with Dr. Omshubhan Asai offering valuable technical support. The webinar was well-received, with approximately 50 participants joining the session.

The webinar concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. Dilip Wasnik, Honorary Secretary of ISA NCB, expressing gratitude towards all the speakers, participants, and organizers for their contributions to the successful event.