I care when you are not aware

Dr. Gauri Arora
– Dr. Gauri Arora

Consultant Anesthesiologist & Director of Arora Hospital, Nagpur

“You have to undergo operation”
These words put into your mind, fear
The surgeon assures of not feeling pain
But many stories are heard from relatives & dear.

Comes the D’Day, you are brought to theatre.
Standing in corridor are anxious dear & near
Putting up a brave front, many thoughts in mind
You hope god will listen to your silent prayer

“Hello! I am your anesthesiologist”
“The pain will not be felt, you will not be aware”
Says a calm, confident, smiling doctor
Assures, “ Throughout the surgery I shall be there”

of all your system, I will take care”.
I will remain beside when relatives are not near
While saying all these he puts you into sleep
Deep enough that you feel no pain & you can’t hear.

Like a vigilant, brave sailor, he sails you through turbulent water .
In bed when you open eyes, see the smiling near & dear
You wonder what was the name of that friend,
who cared for you when you were unaware?

Dr. Gauri Arora