First Aid training

“First Aid training center” by National institute of paramedic science and Alternative medicine in collaboration with Governmental Polytechnic college, Nagpur was inaugurated at the Hands of Honorable Chief Guest Dr. Bhavana Sonawane, Dean, IGGMC, Nagpur 12th April at 5pm in Mining dept.

This is compulsory 11 day training course to get diploma in mining. This is 1st of its unique kind “First Aid training center” in Maharashtra amongst Govt. Polytechnic colleges .The center comprises of CPR teaching Aids, mannequin, Ambu Bag and First Aid kit.

On this Occasion Dr. Sheetal Dalal, Associate Professor, Anaesthesioly, IGGMC &GC MSCISA and Dr. Leena Ingale, Assistant professor, Anaesthesiology, IGGMC and Executive member ISA NCB delivered lecture & demonstration on BCLS and COLS to students faculty and staff of Mining department on behalf of Dept. of Anaesthesiology,

IGGMC Nagpur and ISA NCB .This is assisted by Dr. Heena Sangwi, PG, Anaesthesia.
Almost 150 students attended the event.