BLS Workshop for Sewankur Students, Nagpur

ISA NCB conducted BLS workshop and hands-on training on 2nd July 2017, at 7pm, at Pandit Baccharaj School, Nagpur, for the medical student of modern medicine as well as alternative pathy, which was organised by ‘Sewankur’ Nagpur branch, a social organization.

This organisation works towards self development of the medical students and to make them aware of their social responsibilities keeping in sync with the theme ‘Making Man-Building Nation’. The program was attended by about 100 students.

Dr. Vrushali Ankalwar gave a powerpoint presentation. Demonstration followed by hands on training was given by Dr. Deepak Madankar and Dr. Dilip Wasnik. Dr. Sheetal Dalal and Dr. Gauri Arora were also present during the workshop and interacted with the students.

Dr. Sachin Jambholkar, a very active ISA NCB member and Hon. Secretary of ‘Sewankur’ co-ordinated the whole event.