ISA Nagpur City Branch holds Interesting Cases Competition

Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists – Nagpur City Branch held Vaishali Malegaonkar Memorial Interesting Cases Competition for its members on 18th April 2014. Dr Narendra Tamhane, President of ISA NCB welcomed all. Total eight difficult cases pertaining to anaesthesia management in the perioperative period were presented. There was interactive discussion benefitting one & all. Dr Rashmi Deshpande, Professor in JNMC Sawangi, Dr Akhilesh Sangawar, Professor in GMC Nagpur and Dr Pratibha Deshmukh, Associate Professor in IGGMC Nagpur were judges for the competition.

Dr Priya Sadawarte, Dr B.M. Rajurkar, Dr N.G. Tirpude, Dr Gauri Arora, Dr Vrishali Ankalwar, Dr Jyoti Panhekar, Dr Rajam Subramaniam and Dr Sachin Sadawarte presented the cases.

Anaesthetic management of a case of Multiple Burn Contractures presented by Dr Gauri Arora bagged first prize. Dr Vrushali Ankalwar who presented a case of Bilateral Pheochromocytoma with Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy for Bilateral Adrenelectomy received second prize.

Other cases in the competition were as follows:

  • Post-operative fat embolism syndrome in a case of fracture tibia by Dr Priya Sadawarte
  • Use of Arndt wire guided endo-bronchial blocker to facilitate one lung ventilation for intra-thoracic surgeries in pediatric patients by Dr Rajurkar
  • Desaturation – blunt trauma abdomen & pleural effusion by Dr Tirpude
  • Anaesthesia for combined cardiac & non-cardiac surgery in a child by Dr Jyoti Panhekar
  • A rare case of flash pulmonary edema by Dr Rajam Subramaniam
  • Combination of femoral nerve block & unilateral spinal anaesthesia in a high risk cardiac patient by Dr Sachin Sadawarte

Dr Kamlakar Pawar and Dr Alkesh Soni conducted the program. Dr Saurabh Barde, Honorary Secretary of ISA NCB proposed vote of thanks.