Webinar in association with ZTCC

ISA NCB In association with ZTCC Nagpur conducted an excellent webinar on optimisation and maintenance of potential organ donor under the able leadership of Dr. Rashmi Shingade Pres. ISA NCB, Dr. Sanjay kolte Pres. ZTCC Nagpur, Dr. Devayani Thakur and Dr. Rahul Saxena Hon Secretaty of ISA NCB AND ZTCC respectively.

Dr. Urvi Shukla Chief intensivist symbiosis institute and Hospital Pune, and Dr. Vaishsli Shelgaonkar ma’am HOD IGGMC Nagpur gave excellent talks covering all practical aspects of the delicate issues related to organ donations.

The program was moderated by Dr. Anant Singh Rajput intensivist at Aureus Hospital, Nagpur. Excellent discussion followed the talks where Dr. Sanjay Kolte Pres. ZTCC Nagpur and Dr. Rahul Saxena Secretary ZTCC asked the queries by the delegates. Dr. Charuta Gadkari VP MSCISA, Dr. Sheetal Dalal GC member MSCISA and senior ISA members also joined the webinar.