AWARDS received by ISA NCB

ISA NCB has carried forwards its long tradition of bringing laurels to the city year after year, both at State level and National.

Our branch excels both as a team and every member works relentlessly to do their bit as SEEN  by the numerous awards they bring back .

This year again ISA NCB Makes it !


  1. 1 st prize for ether day celebration (metro)
  2. 1 st prize for best city branch (metro)
  3. 1st prize best city branch public awareness award (metro)
  4. 2nd prize for best membership award (metro)
Individual Awards
  1. President’ s Appreciation award – Dr. Kiran vyawahare
  2. 1st Best public awareness award – Dr. Kiran vyawahare
  3. President’s appreciation award – Dr. Vaishali Shelgaonkar
  4. 3rd prize Best public awareness award – Dr . Sarita Joglekar
  5. 2nd prize best poster presentation free category – Dr. Leena Ingle
  6. 1st best poster competition students category – Dr . Abhilasha Karwat
  7. 3rd prize Best essay award  – Dr. Gauri Arora

National Awards

  1. Best City Branch – 1st prize
  2. Best Public awareness – 1st prize
  3. Best COLS Activity – 1st prize
  4. ISA  Presidents appreciation award  National – Dr. Kiran Vyawhare
  5. Individual Public Awareness National Second prize – Dr. Sarita  Joglekar

Hearty congratulations to all the award winners and all those who make it possible!