COLS Activity at “LOK BIRADARI PRAKALP” Hemalkasa

On the 19th of January 2024, ISA Nagpur City Branch organized a crucial Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (COLS) activity at “LOK BIRADARI PRAKALP” in Hemalkasa, located in the Gadchiroli district. This initiative was part of a surgical camp organized by the Rotary Club of Nagpur, aimed at providing essential healthcare services to the underserved population.

Approximately 100 to 120 participants attended the activity, which garnered attention from esteemed personalities such as Padma Shree Awardees, Dr. Prakash Amte, Dr. Mrs. Amte, Dr. Digant, and Dr. Angha Amte. Senior ISA member Dr. Rajurkar and Honorary Secretary of IMA, Dr. Satkar Pawar, were also present, emphasizing the significance of the event.

The ISA members, including Dr. Archana Munishwar, Dr. Amrusha Raipure, Dr. Harshraj, Dr. Tejaswini, Dr. Prajakta, Dr. Ajinkya, Dr. Aditya, and Executive Member Dr. Kalyani Surkar, actively participated in the activity. Dr. Surkar provided a comprehensive explanation of COLS, followed by hands-on training facilitated by other ISA members.

The initiative received widespread appreciation from all attendees, reaffirming its importance in equipping individuals with life-saving skills. Such initiatives exemplify ISA Nagpur City Branch’s commitment to serving communities in need and promoting healthcare awareness.

Kudos to all participants for their dedication, and may their efforts continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.