BCLS workshop at Maharshi Vyas Sabagruha Reshimbagh with Sewankur

ISA NCB in association with the “Sewankur” registered organization working amongst doctors and medical students of Vidarbha, has Conducted the BCLS workshop at Maharshi Vyas Sabagruha Reshimbagh on 27th March from 8.30 am to 10.30 am.

Total 120 medical students of Allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurvedic branches attended the workshop.

At the outset all the ISA NCB executive team members were welcomed by Sewankur representatives.

Hon. Secretary ISANCB, Dr. Sarita Joglekar in her opening remark highlighted the anesthesia awareness programs of ISA NCB.

She presented the BCLS protocol to students and then the hands on Workshop were carried out at 3 work stations.

The hands on training at workstations were given by Dr. Dilip Wasnik, joint Secretary ISA NCB, Dr. Anjali Borkar executive member of ISANCB and Dr.Himanshu Marathe ISA NCB member and the Sewankur representative.

Dr. Sheetal Dalal and Dr. Saurabh Barde GC member MSCISA actively participated in the hands on workshop and solving the queries of the medical students.

Dr. Sachin Jambhorkar ISANCB member and the Hon. Secretary Sewankur, Dr. Dhiraj Gupta, Orthopedic Surgeon and Co-coordinator Sewankur, Nagpur & Dr. Aparna Sadachar worked hard for the program.