COLS activity and first responder training at Raisoni group of colleges, Nagpur

On 25th January 2019,  ISA NCB  conducted a workshop on First responder and COLS training for around 600 students of Raisoni group of colleges and other Engineering colleges.

There was a panel discussion on Road safety and role of youth. The panelists for this were Dr. V. C. Shelgaonkar, Professor, Anaesthesiology, IGGMC, Nagpur, Deputy commissioner of Police, Traffic commissioner, Janaakrosh NGO, Steve Job from TVS, IIT Delhi.

The hands-on demo of COLS  on mannequin was given by ISA NCB team and team of Dept of Anaesthesiology , IGGMC, Nagpur led by Dr. Shital Dalal, Past President,  ISA NCB