Walkathon for Public Awareness: Celebrating World Anaesthesia Day 2023

The Indian Society of Anaesthesiology Nagpur City Branch (ISA NCB) proudly organized a Walkathon as a part of its World Anaesthesia Day Celebration on October 15, 2023, at the IMA Hall, North Ambazari Road. This event was a resounding success, aimed at raising public awareness about the pivotal role of anaesthesiologists in healthcare.

The primary objective of the Walkathon was to enlighten the general public about the multifaceted roles of anaesthesiologists beyond their crucial function in administering anesthesia during surgical procedures. Anaesthesiologists play a vital role in diverse medical scenarios, including intensive care, pain management, labor analgesia, anesthesia in CT/MRI/endoscopy suites, and their heroic efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic as life-saving healthcare professionals.

The ISA NCB members turned out in substantial numbers to support this noble initiative. Dr. Gauri Arora, President of ISA NCB, extended a warm welcome to all the enthusiastic participants, setting an inspiring tone for the event. Members of ISA NCB completed the Walkathon with great fervor and enthusiasm, making the event a memorable success.

Dr. Dilip Wasnik, Honorary Secretary of ISA NCB, expressed heartfelt gratitude by proposing a vote of thanks, acknowledging the collective effort that made the Walkathon possible. Dr. Ketaki Ramteke, an executive member of the organization, efficiently coordinated the event in collaboration with other dedicated team members.

The Walkathon for Public Awareness was a commendable stride towards recognizing the invaluable contributions of anaesthesiologists in the field of healthcare. It was a collective effort that underlined the significance of their multifaceted roles and unwavering commitment to saving lives. ISA NCB is committed to continuing such endeavors that promote public awareness and a healthier society.