Lessons learnt from COVID

Covid19 pandemic has challenged us to unforeseen levels and greatly disrupted our routine daily life. But crisis created by the pandemic has also yielded some valuable lessons.

Here are some to consider….

1] Family matters the most….

Before the pandemic many of us have taken human interaction for granted. The idea of complete lock-down and no connection with outside world would have seemed silly a while ago. Nobody in their wildest of dreams would have imagined such a weird situation………. but then everything changed.

The frustration of daily confinement made us realize that Family matters the most.

The moral support and strength we gain from our near and dear one works wonder on our mental well-being. That innocent smile on your little one’s face and a reassuring glance from your elders is enough to fill your heart with immense joy.

2] Hobbies are healing …..

Hobbies from singing and playing any instrument to gardening to cooking to painting have helped us to recharge ourselves. Our renewed enthusiasm towards a forgotten hobby made us remember old friends and feel nostalgic. Planting a sapling with our kids or baking a bread with your partner strengthened mutual bonds. Pursuing a hobby gives you unmatched joy and relaxation and is the best way to detox and distress.

3} Essential workers are the real heroes….

During pre-COVID times we hardly noticed the significant role played by everyday helpers in our day to day life. The maid efficiently doing household chores of cooking, cleaning and washing, the silent garbage collector, the newspaper vendor, milk delivery boy etc. It was only during lock-down period we could realize and appreciate how important all these workers are and how much laborious their task is!!!

It’s long overdue that they are finally receiving the recognition they deserve. Showing gratitude for these everyday heroes will go a long way towards building lasting goodwill.

4] Health is Wealth …..

This age old proverb has made a strong comeback. When it comes to our health and wellness there is power in prevention. My mother in law had a very bad COVID but in spite of that she could come out of it stronger. Thanks to her daily routine of morning walk, yoga and Vipassana for last so many years that has built her immunity and inner strength. What we eat, our exercise habits. Sleep pattern and general hygiene awareness are the cornerstones of good health which eventually play very important role in building up immunity and face any unforeseen health issues.

5] Kids are the strongest …..

We as parents are so protective about our children. Always trying to protect them from harsh realities of life. With no school and friends around to play with, we all were so worried about how our kids would react to these challenging times.  But to everyone’s surprise kids came out stronger and patient than expected. They quickly adjusted and moulded themselves to the new norms of online world.

 6] Inner Beauty is Eternal …..

We spend so much time and energy on how we look and present ourselves to the outside world; but COVID has shown us the real mirror. In these challenging times when people were afraid of even a touch this inner beauty of pure and kind heart has urged us to help mankind. This selfless service shown by humans towards others has saved so many lives and fed so many hungry bellies around the globe. Joy of giving and sharing is long lasting and provides inner peace. 

7]  Slow down a bit …..

While COVID has prompted new found worries, it also forced us to slow down and evaluate how we cope with minimum essential. Staying at home and relying on less has taught us to re-examine our priorities. Buying every possible modern convenience is not necessary for our happiness. Leading a stressful life just to maintain the so called status in the society is definitely not essential for our survival.

Contented mind is the happiest!!!

Dr.  Rashmi Shingade
Consultant Anaesthesiologist
Director Children Orthopaedic Care Institute