Debate competition for the private practitioners 2022

Differences in Practicing anesthesia and opinions are well known. To have constructive discussion on the Academic topics Debate is the best platform.

ISANCB conducted the Debate competition for the private practitioners on 27 th February, Sunday 10 am in ISA at Hardas Hall IMA Annex building.

At the outset President Dr. Kiran Vyawahare welcomed all and she said that debate is like an intellectual sport where you should have the skills to win & It is a good platform to share knowledge and we can prove our point and agree to disagree.

Total 8 ISA members participated with the great enthusiasm in Competition.

Topics for Debate and participant members were:

  1. LMA is safe option for Laparoscopy
    For Dr. Kalyani Surkar
    Against Dr. Sheetal Awhad
  2. We should practice Opioid free anesthesia
    For Dr. Deepak Madankar
    Against Dr. Amit Bobde
  3. Paraesthesia technique for regional anesthesia has become obsolete……
    For Dr. Rahatekar
    Against Dr. Vikram Alsi
  4. Preoperative investigation should be economical
    For Dr. Sheetal Samel
    Against Dr. Neelesh Mathankar

Program was attended by Vice-president National ISA Dr.Anjali Bhure madam .she briefed the gathering about the ISA FBF in details and appealed to the Nagpur branch members to take lead in FBF membership.

The competition was really very tough. The runner up declared was Dr. Deepak Madankar and the first position had tie and after final debate between Dr. Vikram Alsi and Dr. Neelesh Mathankar, both of them were declared winner for the first position.

All participants were given the participation certificate at the hands of judges and President Dr. Kiran madam.

The Master Of Ceremony was Dr. Heena Pahuja, executive member and the Associate professor at NKPSIMS .She conducted the program very well.

Executive members Dr. Sonali, Dr. Dilip, Dr. Neelesh, and Dr. Anjali worked very hard for the success of the program.

Official Vote of thanks was given by Hon .Secretary Dr.Sarita Joglekar.

Program was a huge success and attended by large number of ISANCB members including Senior members, Dr.Tamhne sir, Dr.Cham sir ,Past Presidents of ISA NCB.