Panel discussion on “Child and adolescent violence”

The Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists Nagpur city branch (ISA NCB) conducted a panel discussion on “Child and adolescent violence” on 4th December 2021 in IMA Paithankar Hall. This panel discussion was organised in collaboration with Association of Medical Women Nagpur (AMWN) under the banner “Aparajita – Orange The World” a campaign run with the support of United Nations to end the gender-based violence across the globe.

The eminent panelist of the programme were Dr. Maneesha Kothekar, professor of Shree Ayurvedic College and Director, Nagpur Region, Maharashtra University of health sciences, Dr Vasanti Deshpande, noted social worker, renowned counselor, and Mr. Yogesh Deshpande, Professor of  Psychology at VNIT Nagpur.

Dr. Kiran Vyavhare, President ISA NCB welcomed all the panelists and guest of the programme with her address. Dr. Vyavhare emphasised the importance of such social outreach initiatives as  our moral responsibility and a contribution to our society. Dr Lakshmi Shrikhande ,the President AMWN briefed about the concepts of “Orange The World” and enumerated it’s 16 days 16 activities to be undertaken as a part of United Nations campaign to end gender based violence which is also the theme of United Nations for this year.

In the discussion, Dr Manisha Kothekar explained that violence is not only physical, but it can be emotional ,financial or psychological as well. She further emphasised the importance of gender sensitisation and inclusion of sex education and its implications in school curriculum. Dr. Vasanti Deshpande appealed to the parents to spend quality time with their children and family rather than showering them with expensive gifts and toys. Spending time with your ward will help pick any subtle behavioural changes which can be indicative of any kind of physical or emotional violence or abuse. Dr. Yogesh Deshpande who is a psychologist by profession and attached to VNIT College shared his experiences and encounters of modern digital youth and their lives, he warned against unchecked and overuse of social media and technology specially by children and teenagers and asked the parents to be specially vigilant about their internet activity and keeping tabs on their social media platforms.

 Dr. Archana Deshpande consultant anaesthesiologist and pain physician, ISA-NCB member was the program head and carried out a productive panel discussion by covering various relevant topics including Covid pandemic effects on the, adolescent violence, financial violence, spiritual violence, early detection, rehabilitation, etc. in detail.

Members from social organisations like Inner Wheel Club and Rotary Club also attended the program.

Executive members Dr. Sachin Makade treasurer ISA NCB, Dr. Dilip Wasnik joint Secretary ISA-NCB, Dr. Sheetal Deshpande Samel, Dr. Jitesh Chavan, Dr. Leena Gedam, Dr. Sonali, and Dr. Anjali Borkar worked hard for the success of the program.

Dr. Sarita Joglekar Hon. Secretary ISA-NCB proposed the official vote of thanks.