COLS activity for BNI

ISANCB has Conducted the  1st COLS Workshop for the members of BNI ( Business network international) on 12.03.22 from 4-6 pm at Paithankar Hall.

At the outset Dr. President ISA NCB Dr. Kiran Vyawahare, Hon Secretary Dr. Sarita Joglekar and Executive team member Dr. Sachin, Dr. Dilip, Dr. Sonali, Dr. Anjali Borkar and Gc member Dr. Saurabh Barde were welcomed by Executive director of BNI.

BNI has plan of  COLS workshops ahead every month with ISANCB for their members.

Dr. Kiran then briefed about the COLS as the  Social outreach program of ISANCB. Presentation was done by Dr. Dilip and Hands of training were given to 30 participants by Dr. Kiran & Dr. Sarita, Dr. Saurabh, Dr.Dilip, Dr Sonali and Dr. Anjali.

Participants enthusiastically attended the program and program was a great success.
Dr. Amol kadu President BNI, had work hard for the success of the program.