On occasion of *WORLD RESTART A HEART DAY* on 23rd October , under the aegis of ISA National and Indian Resuscitation Council, as a part of international program of World federation of society of Anaesthesiologists…

ISA NCB conducted mass *COMPRESSION ONLY LIFE SUPPORT* training sessions at different schools , hospitals , medical colleges ,public places on single day.
Teams of ISA NCB members trained more than *6000* people in divided batches whole day in multiple sessions ..

It was an outstanding performance by our members who enthusiastically conducted COLS activities on such a large scale which was commendable and record breaking

President *Dr. Sunita Lawange* and Hon. Secretary *Dr. Umesh Ramtani* congratulate one and all and express heartfelt gratitude to all for crafting a history which will be memorable and cherishable ever .

The day was scheduled a day prior in meeting, work was divided , banners of WRAH Day were given to all the trainers.

Activities: (Total 19 )
8.30 Am to 8 pm ;

  1. Narayana Vidyalaya
  2. R. S. Mundle School
  3. Delhi Public School
  4. MKH Sancheti School and junior college
  5. Dinanath High School
  6. Sai Parnath School , Jaripatka 
  7. Trauma Centre, GMC
  8. Roy Hospital , Kamptee Road
  9. GMC ,Nagpur 1st yr UG students , Dental students and class 4 attendants
  10. NKPSIMS and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital for class4 and visitors 
  11. For Security and BVG employees at IGGMC , Nagpur
  12. Getwell Hospital for paramedics and nurses 
  13. Jhulelal Institute of Technology
  14. Vivekanand Nagar School
  15. Bhagwati Girls School
  16. Shree Ayurveda College for UG students
  17. VIMS Hospital for paramedics
  18. Ikon Hospital for paramedics and auxiliary staff
  19. Kojagiri Poornima Milan at Dr. Ritesh Borkars house 

It was an exemplary team work and since a day prior, COLS wave started in full swing from ISA office itself .

ISA Nagpur is rocking as usual.
Our unity and enthusiasm is un-matchable

The teams who trained the masses included following ISA NCB members:

  • Dr. N. G. Tirpude and GMC team
  • Dr. V. C. Shelgaonkar and IGGMC team
  • Dr. Pratibha Deshmukh,
  • Dr. AnjalibBhure,
  • Dr. Medha Sangawar,
  • Dr. Bhau Rajurkar
  • Dr. Shital Dalal
  • Dr. Manisha Shembekar
  • Dr. Gauri Arora,
  • Dr. Soma Cham
  • Dr. Kiran Vyawhare,
  • Dr. Deepak Madankar,
  • Dr.Vrishali Ankalwar
  • Dr. Dilip Wasnik,
  • Dr.Daksha Mandhaniya
  • Dr. Satkar Pawar
  • Dr. Archana Deshpande,
  • Dr. Saurabh Barde,
  • Dr. Hemangi Abhyankar
  • Dr. Minakshi Hande
  • Dr. Suruchi Bhardwaj,
  • Dr. Prashil Pittalwar,
  • Dr. Swapna Bhure,
  • Dr. Ketaki Marodkar,
  • Dr. Alkesh Soni,
  • Dr.Archana Munishwar,
  • Dr. Ritesh Borkar
  • Dr. Sonali Khobragade
  • Dr. Sneha Khobragade
  • Dr. Daidipya Patukale
  • Dr. Shailesh Chouksey
  • Dr. Pranav Thote

President Dr. Sunita Lawange
Hon. Secretary Dr. Umesh Ramtani
Three cheers to ISA NCB Family
Long live ISA NCB