Ganesh festival celebration by ISA NCB

Shri Ganesh festival is celebrated with lots of fervour in many States of India and especially in Maharashtra. If we look back into history , the reformation of Ganesh-festival from a household event to public celebration was done by Nationalist and freedom fighter Late Shri Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak with an intention ofuniting people of different caste and communities to promote nationalism during the British rule . Since then, this tradition of public Ganesh festival celebration has continued with ardour and zeal.

The ISA NCB team took the opportunity of Ganesh festival to utilise this customary social platform for creating public awareness .
ISA NCB performed Ganapati pooja at Ima premises on 26 august evening in presence of senior member Dr Waghaye ma’am. Members were in traditional attire. It was well attended.