Participation & Awards at ISACON Maharashtra 2019

The annual state conference of Maharashtra – ISACON Maharashtra 2020 was held on 20th, 21st & 22nd September 2019 at Solapur. Members of ISA, Nagpur City Branch actively participated in academic & non-academic activities.

  1. Dr. S K Deshpande – ‘Anesthesia for a child in cardiac cath lab, in How I do it? Session.
  2. Dr. Sheetal Dalal – ‘Well controlled HT for elective surgery gets elevated BP in OR proceed/Not to proceed’ spoke for the subject.
  3. Dr. Saurab Barde – ‘When to say ‘Yes’ & when to say ‘No’ to regional anesthesia’ was one of the panelists & ‘Cuffed Vs. Uncuffed ETT in pediatric anesthesia’ spoke for the subject.
  4. Dr. C S Cham – ‘Regional anesthesia in a polytrauma & prolonged orthopedic surgery. How far can we push?’ – Challenging case scenarios
  5. Dr. Anjali Sawargaonkar – ‘Term & preterm neonates: anesthetic considerations’ in Thematic lectures & chaired session on ‘Challenging case scenarios’
  6. Dr. Gauri Arora – ‘Anesthesia for paediatric laproscopic surgeries’ in Thematic lectures.
  7. Dr. Amol Singham – Judge for Paper presentation competition.
  8. Dr. Charuta Gadkari – ‘Management of post spinal anesthesia hypotension during LSCS’, in How I do it? Session.
  9. Dr. Vaishali Shelgaonkar – ‘Pheochromocytoma – Anesthetic challenge’ lecture in endocrinology session.
  10. Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh – ‘Perioperative Hyperglycemia’- Challenging case scenarios & ‘How I manage DKA’ in How I do it? session.
  11. Dr. Umesh Ramtani – ‘I use Sevoflurane/Desflurane for morbidly obese’ spoke for Desflurane.
  12. Dr. Soma Cham – Chairperson in ‘How I do it? Session’

ISA NCB won awards at the ISACON Maharashtra Conference, 2nd prize for best City Branch, 2nd prize for best membership drive & 1st prize for best ether day celebrations. At the individual level both, Dr. Manisha Shembekar, President ISA NCB & Dr. Sunita Lawange, Past President ISA NCB received Presidential appreciation award, Dr. Gauri Arora, best Essay writing in Pvt. Practitioner’s category, Dr. Kiran Vyawhare, best public awareness at individual level, Dr. Saurab Barde, best MISANEWS review.

Post graduate students of Govt. Medical College, Nagpur participated in the intercollegiate skit competition and won the 2nd position for the skit on ‘difficult airway’.

Members present in the Conference actively participated in non-academic activities too, which was highly appreciated by all other city branch members.

This year the ISA NCB hosted the ‘Late Dr. R K Pradhan Memorial Oration’. Dr. S. Balabhaskar delivered the oration on the topic ‘What is the role of systematic reviews, meta-analyses, large database research & what they have taught us’.

ISA NCB agreed to host the 22nd ISACON Maharashtra at Nagpur, when ISA Sangli branch backed out at the last moment expressing their inability to host the Conference due to losses accrued by the floods situation there. A stall was put up for registrations and almost 100 registrations were already done. The Organising Chairman for the Conference is Dr. Anjali Bhure, Organising Secretary, Dr. Sheetal Dalal & Dr. C S Cham, Scientific Committee Chairman.